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I have always been very, very quiet about my career. Candidly, the reason is displayed on this website repeatedly: doing movie work is great, but what I really love is creating the art. So much of what anyone in the creative departments of film production does ends up on the cutting room floor, is written out of the script after it's produced, or is simply the victim of changing ideas and plans. For me, that's OK. I love the creative design aspect, and if I'm thoroughly pleased with the result, I'll surely save it. Now, between the many graphics I exhibit here that made the theater screen, are more that didn't but remain graphics I'm entirely proud of. I look at this frame of mind as artistic discretion, not bragging rights.

Nevertheless, now that this is the site I've long wanted it to be, perhaps it's time to open up this side of my life a little. I got a lovely article thousands of years ago on my Babylon 5 design work. I also gave interviews for a couple of superhero shows I do not deign to mention by name as well.

Any graphic designer will be obliged to acknowledge the vital utility of Adobe software: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Just as interesting though, are the small, scrappy companies with nimble software that answers a need. Recently, Alien Skin put some examples of my work up on their site. I love their software and can't remember the last film I did where I didn't use it. (This is say a lot, by the way. I have no use for most filter software. For textures, collect your own. Most photo effects are superfluous, I am sorry to say, whereas Alien Skin makes filters in both those categories that really get used to good effect.

That said, I'm a fan of Andromeda - no one else's line art filters come close (though their "we insist you buy our filters repeatedly for every computer you own" is for the birds). BeLight Software's Art Text is some very useful software I'm beginning to use. Digital Light & Color's Color Mechanic Pro is an excellent piece of engineering (and fun to use). Finally, for anyone who doesn't yet know, my beloved Fontographer DOES have a Mac OSX version. And, oh yes, Macs. I like 'em... more than Windows.

I am a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States (IATSE), Local 800: The Art Directors' Guild. Their website is here. My personal little cubbyhole there is here.

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