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The expectation for Web-based portfolios, has almost entirely been this: a little taste of the artist's work presented fetchingly, a bio, maybe a resume, perhaps some press. What is presented here is a little different, for a number of reasons. For one thing, it is an expanding, changing portfolio in its entirety. Each of the categories below offers concise unitary examples of graphic needs, requested consistently, for film, and (who knew?) for real life. This is the culmination of a massive bout of work. As I inferred, it extends beyond the raison d'Ítre these things tacitly have...a teaser for clients, art directors and production designers.

I am frequently asked about graphic design in the movie business, by aficionados, by prospective designers, by industry trend watchers. For someone as verbose as I can be, I am struck dumb by such queries, because the subject, such as I experience it, is simply mammoth. In lieu of the time it would take to repeatedly explain the field (and the industry) I have made a sincere effort to do so here. In so doing, I don't seek to be self serving beyond the exhibition of my own graphics. The explanations, stories, and processes I relate are based on 25 years of experience doing this work, and while this may reduce their value to the simple impressions of one man, they were written honestly to encourage those who are as excited about the four muses as I am. If there are answers and inspiration to be found herein, brothers and sisters, for me that is enough.

billboard design print advertising
books, magazines, & newspapers props & wardrobe
digital renderings & previsualizations signs & designs on fabric
illustrations signs on glass
label & package design dimensional signs
logotypes & titling electrical signs
museum display design painted, screened, & printed or cut vinyl signs
plaques and inlays vehicle graphics
posters & showcards website & broadcast graphic design
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