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I'm Ted Haigh...welcome to my website. That's "Haigh" like a bale of hay. I'm a film industry graphic designer, and have been for over twenty five years. I was the first guy to regularly get that moniker in the credits. My work consists of renderings that are used in the film. Sometimes you are meant to notice what I do, but in many instances it'll be a mere dab of paint on a large impressionist canvas.

Excluding hero props and specific pieces central to the script, art, signs, photography, and graphics for use on set, to be seen by the camera, are meant to give a scene/location a look of normality and a sense of "realism." This may sound unnecessary since we live in a "real" world, but not only might something real NOT look real on film (the difference between the nightly newscast and "The Devil Wears Prada"), film reality is what the camera sees, and the decor plays to that all seeing eye in a way that doesn't happen in the physical world. Moreover, films get set in the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 25th centuries - among others. I contribute to a total fabrication mimicking a past (or extrapolating a future) reality there. It's coloration, nomenclature, font, form, texture, and integration into a full scale diorama built just for the viewer.

There are thousands upon thousands of individual snapshots in our heads of the many things we see every day. 99% of them, we rarely notice; they are expected. But if they weren't there...we'd surely notice that! Sometimes it won't be something we can put our fingers on but, perhaps, simply a vague sense that something isn't quite right - and doesn't feel quite REAL.

What I supply to movies to maintain that comfortable illusion that what you see on the screen is reality can make quite a list: showcards, signs, neon, wallpaper, funny money, manipulated photos, newspapers, all the products in the universe a writer can script, plaques: of bronze, wood, and stone; (digitally) aged graphics... movie posters, manuscripts, calendars, signs - produced the day before, but transformed into set elements with a back story and a lifetime of age. I design billboards, fine art, magazine ads, CD covers, bottles of this, cans of that, book covers, maps, badges and patches....the list is as varied as the world itself.

When I began doing this, in Richmond, Virginia back in 1984, everything was hand drawn, projected, photocopied, pasted up. Now, it is almost unthinkable to do anything that doesn't eventually involve a computer, and I make computers render all of the items I catalogued above. I may begin with a rough, pencilled sketch, but at some point, onto the scanner it'll go. I may do a hand drawn illustration, but there too it will be digitized for final color-tweaking and cleanup.

On my home page I noted my muses. Design, research, creation, and appreciation are the spirits of which I write. Their influences enfold everything I do. Because I love design, research, and the wide latitude of style and projects, creating for the film biz is a perfect craft for me. I've worked on some notable projects with a lot of extremely talented (and notable) people. Quality of life is important. This is one potent way to measure it: loving your job, your challenges, your opportunities, your life. Did I win the sweepstakes? In my own mind I did.

I don't think there will be much about this site that you'll view and say - oh, I've seen THAT before. Oh, specific movies, specific graphics, sure, but the webfolio, the design, the resume, the explanatory passages.... these are all my doing right down to writing a lot of the website coding. Let me be clear, here. I could not do a lot of what I do without a load of help. Those who believed in me, Penny Hadfield, Gae Buckley, Steve Altman, Jim Bissell, Richard Johnson, Dennis Gassner...I would hardly be where I am without you. For this website, MediaLab and my longtime friend Philbert Larkum and Loraine Powell were indispensible. They not only let me have my way in all things aesthetic, they prompted me to create my own website in web languages, without automated programs that do your work (in a half-assed manner) for you. Regardless, everyone I mentioned will agree, I've run my career and life my way, and I'll stand by that. With any luck you'll like some of it and that'll make me happy - because this site, this project will tell you more about me than I ever could.

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